Extra Services


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Knoxville, Tennessee 37927
(865) 524-5299

These are additions services we can provide to help make your form order
the most complete and best possible.

If there is something not shown on our list below
or if you are not sure what the correct term for some feature is
please call or email us. We are happy to help!

Complete graphic services are available!

From typesetting to complete design
we can handle any part of your graphic needs.

Call, Write or Email for a quote on your custom form.
You can FAX us a copy of your rough idea, for us to quote by.

Basic form layout work is quoted on an (Hourly Basis - $45.00/Hr.),
so providing us with the best information you can up front,
could save you lots of money on your project.



Leave us your email and we'll send you a promo code for $10 off your purchase straight to your inbox!

Prices shown are price per 1000 sets, (except where noted)

Trimming to odd size -

(Other then standard sizes shown)

$5.00 / per cut / (cuts are made in lots of 250 sheet)

Color Ink (pre-mixed only)

(One Color - Black is standard no up charge)

$38.00 / Form

Custom Color Ink (PMS or Special Mix)

$66.00 / Form- ink only, does not include print cost

Second Color Ink

(picked from pre-mixed only - )

$50 set up cost
$10 / 1000 sheet thereafter
$60 / Minimun


($25 minimum order)

$25 /1000 sets or part


(All parts -1 way) ( Does not include LASER PERF)

$15 set up - $10 /1000 sheets
$25 Minimum

LASER Perf paper (with extra 1/2" edge)

(Top or side perf - Available only in 5.5"x9", 9"x11", or 8.5"x11.5")

2 part - Add $20 /1000 sets to list price

3 part - Add $30 /1000 sets to list price

4 part - Add $40 /1000 sets to list price

Sales Booklet
(made from LASER perf)

add $2 per book for wrap around tag cover

Shrink Wrap

$3.00 / 1000


(50 sets per pad with chip board backs)

$5.00 / 1000
(No additional padding charge on Sales Books)

Punching / Drilling

$5.00 / 1000

Tag Card stock on last part

(Only available on 8 1/2 x 11)

$75 / 1000 Sheets

Part to Part Change

(all sheet ARE NOT printed the same or for Block out of sections on certain parts)

Add 40% to Base price

BLANK Carbonless forms



$25 Set up/ $10 per 1000 SHEETS
$35 Minimum

RUSH SERVICE - Call for availablity

Guaranteed 24 hours
$50 / Form - does not include special freight

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